cropped-anzjuliventer_9789-e1511835867430-5.jpg   Dear Fellow Human, Welcome to my humble online abode! Fix yourself a cup of tea (or a pina colada! Hmm my fave!) grab a cookie and make yourself comfortable. Aaah see? Much better! Now that you're settled, let me take a moment to introduce myself. I am Anzjuli Venter. Yes the name is odd, I am also quite quirky but you will grow to love me. I just know you will. I am an actor - a female actor. I am also a creative writer (web-series, short films, sketch comedy) as well as an occasional director and teacher. Now slip off your shoes and take a look around my website. There's some fun stuff like my blog and gallery - which will show you what I've been up to. As well as of course my Showreel, CV and links to my other online presence makers and shakers. Glad you stopped by and drop me a comment or a 🙂 I love hearing from fellow humans. Have a faaaaab week! Anzjuli