To Risk is to Live


It’s hard to DO things. To do things that really scare you, yet also excite you at the same time. Is it just me or is it often the things that frighten us the most, that we really care about? And is that why often we don’t take the steps towards our goals because we are afraid of failure? Afraid that what we want is so big, perhaps seemingly unattainable that we don’t even try because we think it’s impossible? We fear trying in vain, working our butts of for something that might never eventuate. I know that’s how I often feel. But that is the risk of life, the risk of being a creative.

There’s many risks we take daily. Crossing the street – even when cars are approaching quickly, driving a car, riding a bike, taking a train, all of these things has resulted in people’s death, yet we continue to take these, what we deem necessary risks in order to live. To get to work, to school, back home. To do what we need to do in order to survive. To live our lives.

Perhaps we weigh up these risks and think that the chances of an accident outweigh the end result. We are positive of the end result, we focus on that more then the risk and there is a lesson to be learned from that. If we focus on what we want, what the outcome will possibly be, it is much more pleasurable to work towards that goal, instead of worrying it will never happen and feeling as if we are pushing a ton of bricks up a hill.

Worry is manifesting what we do not want.

So what is the opposite of that? Focusing on that which we DO want and making concrete, measurable and attainable goals towards that. To be specific. To say “I want to be a famous movie star” is not a concrete goal. But to say “I want to star in a feature film by the end of 2017” is something more attainable. Then build small steps towards that. And you can apply that to anything in life. From losing weight, to getting a new job or perhaps to finding that special someone in your life.

To not let fear, anxiety and worry overpower you. Realistically they may always be present, looming in the dingy corners of your mind, but like all things, life is not perfect and one has to push through the obstacles, the self-doubt, to make work that one really cares about. That’s certainly what I have to do.

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