The Power of Do It Yourself!

As a director, actor and writer I believe it is important to have a broad concept of all aspects of film making and how the technical elements are brought together to create a story. What better way to learn, then to do? I create small video productions to practise my storytelling and technical skills as well as working with professional and student film crews when I have the opportunity.

Although my equipment is not the latest and greatest and every shot does not boast a budget of a million dollars, I am learning and improving  on a budget of freedom! (ie no budget) which utilises my creativity to it’s full potential in order to overcome obstacles and push through to the completion of the work.

Whether I am working in film or theatre I am confident that I can create a beautifully crafted and well rounded story. The STORY must be at the centre of the production and will push the work forward instead of elaborate camera angles, superfluous editing or extravagant light shows with no central narrative taking priority. I have something to say about humanity and the world we live in and am pleased to be able to bring that to life through film and theatre. 

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