I’ve been writing since I could, well, write. My first memory of putting the ol pen to paper was when I was about six. I was sitting at my small white desk in my darkened room at night (like any real brooding writer would) my desk lamp light illuminating my furrowed brow I penned what could only be described as an original best seller – a story about a little boy in space that was lonely and wanted a friend. Yes, even then I was brilliant. In the end a little girl made friends with him and they both were very happy, there was also some kind of green hedge involved…someone hiding in it? Regardless of the somewhat Freudian themes of my first story I have progressed systematically to work through my own personal problems by writing them down and then illuminating them through theatre and film (touch of sarcasm there but also great amounts of truth juice par the Freud thing, we know he was crazy!)

Here’s a short list of my writing credits:

Theatre and Film
2015 – “Acting Investigations – Webisode
2015 – “Bitch Girls” – Comedy Sketch
2014 – “Lilith” – Brisbane Fringe Festival
2014 – “Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein” – Vena Cava Productions, QUT

2010-2013 – A number of life lesson plays for summer kids camps in South Africa

Screenplays (un-produced)
2014 – “Bloom” – Short Film

AND a whole lot un-shared short stories, scripts and diary entries.

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